Bartomeu meets the board to discuss Valverde's fate

The president spoke to Ernesto before heading in for the big meeting

Ernesto Valverde es entrenador del FC Barcelona
Ernesto Valverde es entrenador del FC Barcelona |

Josep Maria Bartomeu, Barcelona president, has not yet taken a decision on Ernesto Valverde and is now meeting with the board to decide what to do.

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The coach and the president met after training to discuss how they are feeling, in "an exchange of impressions" to find out if Valverde feels capable of staying in charge. The president will discuss the matter with the board on Monday afternoon.

Curiously Valverde left the training session grinning like a Cheshire cat, waving and smiling from his car as he left. The board meeting starts at 2pm CET. 


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