Bartomeu cannot call elections unless he and board resign first

Barcelona's crisis has raised a lot of questions which we ask and answer here

Bartomeu: Hay decisiones que ya traíamos pensadas que ejecutaremos | MOVISTAR

Toni Frieros

Can Bartomeu and his board call elections early?

For there to be early elections, the current board must resign. In that case, the power to call them belongs to the Management Commission, whose president would be the current Economic Commission, aka the businessman Carles Tusquets. The Management Commission has three months to convene them from the moment they can.

What if only Bartomeu resigned?

The president would become Jordi Cardoner, current first vice president, who could stay until the mandate finishes, ie the June 2021 elections. The situation in January 2014 would be repeated, when Rosell resigned and Bartomeu took the presidency. It is one of the options that exist but there is little possibility that it can be fulfilled since Bartomeu would prefer to hold on to his hat.

What would happen if the entire board of directors resigned in the next few days?

The club would pass into the hands of the Management Commission. Common sense indicates that he would call elections as soon as possible. From that moment until the voting day, approximately 40 days would pass.

What would happen if some executives resign?

Currently there are only 14 directors, the minimum required. If the board were reduced to 5 members, with the president included, the Management Commission would enter the situation and elections would be called.

Why is there talk of possible elections in March 2021?

This is included in the club's statutes. When the term runs out (six years), the president can summon them, between March 15 and June 15 that year.

What if there are elections in March or April 2021?

The new president and his board could not come to govern the club until July 1, 2021. That means, de ‘facto’, Bartomeu and his board would continue to be responsible for the club.

What would happen if in the next Assembly of Committees in October the socios do not approve the economic closing statement of 2019-2020 and the new budget for 2020-2021?

As the panorama stands, it would not be unreasonable for them to reject it. The economic closing statement cannot be modified because it is the one that has approved the audit. The budget could be changed to be presented in a new assembly, which should be convened within a maximum period of 15 days. It would be something unprecedented in the history of FC Barcelona.

Can this board face a Liability Action if it closes the fiscal year with losses?

The club will close the year with heavy losses due to the coronavirus crisis. Barça, along with Athletic, Real Madrid and Osasuna, which are not SA, are trying to get CSD to exempt them from having to guarantee if there are losses. In any case, a hypothetical Liability Action would not be applicable as long as those losses are less than the profit accumulated by the current meeting, which is 213 million since 2011.



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