Bartomeu: Arthur's lacked respect towards his teammates & the club

Bartomeu: Arthur's lacked respect towards his teammates & the club

 Arthur podría ser sancionado tras decidir no acudir a los entrenamientos del equipo tras los días libres / | Rubén Moreno

The Barcelona president has given an exclusive interview to Diario SPORT

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has spoke to SPORT in an interview which will appear in full in Sunday's edition of the newspaper. 

In the interview, Bartomeu explained that Arthur's move to Juventus came from the player himself: "We're talking about someone that couldn't renew with Barça for the numbers he wanted, he has a better offer and he explained that. Barça could not match that offer and he decided to leave, which is when the operation moved into gear." 

The Brazil midfielder has not returned to training this week and Bartomeu was very critical of his attitude. 

"What Arthur's done is a lack of respect towards his teammates because the team is desperate to do well in the Champions League, as is the club. It's not normal that, with such a big trophy on the line, a player decides to remove himself from selection. It's unjustifiable and completely incomprehensible. 

"We reached an agreement for him to continue with Barça until the end of the Champions League. He's an important player that could help us. But he didn't come back after a mini-break. It's an unacceptable act of indiscipline. And for that reason, we have opened disciplinary proceedings because there's no argument to justify his absence. He called and he said: 'I won't come back, I am staying in Brazil.' It's his decision. No one gave him permission." 


Bartomeu also told SPORT that Setien will remain in charge next season. 

"Setien has a contract," he explained. "When we appointed him, we explained it was a project for this season but also for the next one. Measuring a coach by a few months, with a pandemic in the middle, is tough. Arturo Vidal said it, he's had very little time to get to know the players and work. 

"At no moment have we thought about a change of coach. I know there were some reports about Pimi but that's never been spoken about. Setien us our manager. We've not spoken with anyone. Not with Laurent Blanc or anyone. I speak with Xavi because we have a good relationship but he just renewed with his team. He will coach Barça one day, but he will decide when." 


In addition, Bartomeu confirmed interest in Ansu: "There have not been any formal offers but there has been interest from some clubs. Barça's response has always been no. Ansu is not for sale. He's essential for the club's future." 

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