Barcelona's Deulofeu sold to Watford for 13 million euros

A deal has been agreed for the Catalan winger to return to England

Deulofeu quiere terminar de explotar en el Watford
Deulofeu quiere terminar de explotar en el Watford | afp

Gerard Deulofeu will be a Watford player by all effects by next week. In fact, they Catalan player can already consider himself a Premier League player again. Barcelona and Watford have finalised a deal and everything is in place. Both clubs have agreed to announce the deal next week, most likely before the start of the World Cup. 

Ivan San Antonio


Talks with Watford have been ongoing. Ernesto Valverde had given the green light to selling Deulofeu, who wanted to return to Watford after six months on loan there. In the end, a deal which satisfied all three parties has been struck. 

Barça began the talks asking for 20 million euros, while the English side didn't want to go about 10 million. In the end, SPORT have confirmed, the deal has been closed for a straight 13 million euros -- remember that Deulofeu only had one year to run on his contract. 

There are also some add-ons which could see Barça earn up to two million euros more. The bonuses are related to Deulofeu's performances. 


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