Barcelona's conditions for Neymar to make Camp Nou return this summer

The Blaugrana want the Brazilian to do a number of things before he comes back

La espléndida jugada de Neymar ante el Estrella Roja que terminó con gol | MEDIAPRO

Barcelona have put a number of conditions on the table for Neymar if they're to re-sign him this summer. They have demanded that he takes a cut to what he earns currently at Paris Saint-Germain, drops the lawsuit against the club over an unpaid bonus from the last contract renewal he signed at Camp Nou, and that he admits in public that he wants to leave PSG for Barça. According to UOL Esporte, from sources close to Neymar, the player has accepted all the terms and there could be news soon.  

Lluís Miguelsanz

Lluís Miguelsanz

The Blaugrana know that the operation to bring him back is extremely delicate, so they need the Brazilian's collaboration to make it happen. The divorce between Neymar and PSG is total, but there is still the financial side of his return to Catalonia to be sorted between the two clubs. And that means Neymar will have to make a gesture by dropping his wage demands and by pushing through his exit from a club that no longer wants him, but that is in a position to be able to withstand any pressure. 

Neymar's people and Barça have been speaking for weeks about what needs to happen for the transfer to be a success. It seems there could be an agreement between the player and the club and now the forward must come out publicly and recognise he made a mistake leaving the club. If that happens, things could speed up. For now, Neymar and his people have been keeping their silence. They have not denied anything. They want to leave Paris and return to Barcelona. 


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