Barcelona would have to pay Lionel Messi if they sold him

Leo Messi became the best paid footballer in the world in 2014, when he signed his most recent Barcelona contract. After some speculation he could leave the two sides came together and signed that new deal, up until June 30, 2018, with a minimum release fee clause of 250 million euros. 

Now, with a new Messi renovation on the horizon, newspaper Ara have revealed some details of the current contract - which shows Barcelona would have to pay Messi compensation if they sold him before June 2016. 

According to the newspaper. the current salary of the player is 22.8m a year, and it will double automatically this summer, up to 39.4m euros.

Howver, in the case Barcelona decided to sell him, they would have to pay Messi 19,941,000 million. They also claim that if they sold him in 2017 it would be a fee of 9,970,000.


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