Barcelona worried about Griezmann's lack of control over his entourage

The club could speak with the forward to help him get things in order

A Griezmann se le sigue resistiendo el gol en Europa | MEDIAPRO

Barcelona are worried about the lack of control Antoine Griezmann has over the people closest to him and those that have worked with him in the past. 

Albert Masnou

During the last two weeks alone, coinciding with Griezmann's time with the French national team, both his former agent and his uncle have made unnecessary comments. 

"If it's not the uncle it's an old agent," a source at the Catalan club said, adding that there may be talks with Griezmann to ask him to do his part to make sure no more unsavoury situations arise. 

The majority of the comments made in the past have a common denominator in that they're complaining Griezmann doesn't have a bigger status at the club. 

On this most recent occasion, Lionel Messi was singled out as the bad guy, with former agent Eric Olhats saying the Argentine runs a "regime of terror" at Camp Nou. 

Griezmann's failure to distance himself from those comments on social media, save one retweet, has done little to make the stories go away. 

The former Atletico Madrid man suffered the consequences this week when fans approached his car after a training session accusing him of showing a lack of respect towards Messi. 

Barça coach Ronald Koeman insists there is no problem between the two players and says the whole issue has been cooked up by the press. 


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