Barcelona want to re-sign Spain youngster Dani Olmo

He is currently impressing for Dinamo Zagreb but is a Barca player through and through

Con 16 años abandonó La Masía y ahora el FC Barcelona se interesa en él |

His departure from FC Barcelona four and a half years ago was a real surprise. Because even then Dani Olmo was one of those players who showed something different from the others. His decision and that of his people was to leave. What’s more, to Dinamo Zagreb.

He left at 16 years old, before starting his youth career and now, at 20, he is a fully-fledged player. An important piece of the Croatian team that is making history both in the league and in the Europa League, he is also an international U-21 Spain player. This Monday, he was even one of the players who trained under Luis Enrique with the first team.

And in a world where everything is known, the actions of the Terrassa born player have not gone unnoticed. His name has begun to become known among many teams and more than one is already following him closely. Some time ago, Dinamo Zagreb already rejected an offer from Valencia and in recent months has been saying no to many other offers. Clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United and Olympique de Marseille, just to give some examples, have knocked on the doors of the Croatian side. Manchester United, for example, has accredited their scouts twice in a few weeks to see Dani in action. But the answer has always been the same: the offers were not to Dinamo's liking.

And if there are many clubs that follow Olmo, Barça is no exception. In the club he is seen as a player with a lot of potential and who has that longed for Barça DNA that has always been praised. Barca have made first contact, making clear the intentions of the club. Dani is interested and his steps are being closely followed.

On the part of the player there is no doubt that there will be no problems when negotiating. But the same can not be said of the Croatian club. In recent days they have rejected offers for Dani Olmo of up to 20 million. Recently, the Croatian press published that Dinamo Zagreb had put a price on the departure of their player - 25 million euros. And that is the amount that Barcelona must be willing to pay if they want the player's services.

We will have to pay attention to what happens in the coming weeks. In addition to the handicap that this 25 million euros may represent, Barça will have competition from other important clubs, who will continue to fight for the player. But Barcelona knows that they play with the advantage that Dani Olmo, despite being far away and having left, is still a Barça player from head to toe.


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