Barcelona VP: You have to take your hat off to Florentino Perez's management

Eduard Romeu says the Madrid president has done a brilliant job of running the club

| David Ramirez

Eduard Romeu, the Barcelona vice president, spoke to RAC1 about several issues related to the club following a board meeting on Thursday. He touched on the club's financial situation, Ronald Koeman and Florentino Perez's work at Real Madrid.

On Perez's running of Madrid as president, Romeu said "you have to take your hat off" to him because he's done such a good job during the last few years, especially through the pandemic.

Messi and Koeman

Romeu also spoke about the departure of Lionel Messi: "We all wanted him to be in the team and we asked the opinion of our financial committee. We have a very solemn opinion on this. It is not an intentional or capricious decision. It was unfeasible to sign that operation [with CVC].

"Let's see: sign this agreement and you can register the player. That was our sentence. It seems there are people that don't want Barça to get back to where they were. Mr. Tebas (the LaLiga president) did the job of making us make a decision on Messi. If we signed that document, we could have had another interpretation of the fair play rules."

On Koeman, he said: "The political answer is it's not been discussed and the real one is that it's not a money problem. But there's nothing happening. There's nothing going on. 

"Koeman's a good person. When the president and the board decide that he's staying on, the commitment [to him] and the support is total, knowing that we are going through a complicated moment in which we have to rebuild the team. 

"Losing to Bayern was something that was in the equation. It was the worst opponent at the worst moment. We had several players injured, we were playing against a consolidated side, the game came just after the international break.... It makes us angry, but it was something that could have happened." 



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