Barcelona VP says: Wage reductions not necessarily for the players

Jordi moix spoke about the financial situation at the Catalan club

 Jordi Moix, vicepresidente económico y patrimonial, valoró la entrega de firmas que da comienzo a la moción de censura | FCB

Barcelona vice president Jordi Moix spoke to RAC1 about the club's current financial position after it was confirmed they lost €97 million last season. 

"This is an exceptional situation and we have to look for solutions in the club to balance the budget in the best possible way," Moix said, confessing that "it will not be easy but I don't want to contemplate more losses in the future." 

One of the first measures to take, and urgently, for Moix is to apply a wage cut across all areas of the club, including the players, although there could be alternative measures. 

"The reduction is not necessarily for the players, because there can be mixed formulas," he explained, before adding the example of the "Mirotic formula." "We can adjust the contracts following sporting criteria, proportionality or sporting circumstances," he said. 

Despite the panoramic caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Moix, however, said he's "optmistic for the future because I see the glass half full, with important challenges to come."  



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