Barcelona vice president Jordi Cardoner tests positive for coronavirus

He is in good health and hopeful of overcoming the virus

Cardoner: Esperemos que todos tengan un espacio para expresarse libremente | VALENTÍ ENRICH

Barcelona vice president Jordi Cardoner has tested positive for coronavirus. Cardoner is the first confirmed case directly related to the Catalan club.

Cardoner feels well and is recovering at home, following the necessary treatment and the health advice which has been given to him. 

Barça scout Andre Cury, who operates in Brazil, also tested positive for coronavirus last month. 

In Spain, according to the latest dats, there are more than 115,000 cases of coronavirus and there have been around 11,000 deaths from the virus. 

There have now been more than 1 million people hit by the pandemic across the world and over 60,000 deaths. 

Meanwhile, the crisis is also having an effect on football club's finances. The lack of action, with all Europe's top leagues suspended, is hitting clubs in the pockets. 

Barça have already taken the decision to reduce the players' salaries, while there's also a belief that the transfer market will be completely different when the pandemic eases. 


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