Barcelona squad against idea of being closed off in hotel

Barcelona squad against idea of being closed off in hotel

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The players don't think the preseason in a hotel idea is a good one

Barcelona players are against the idea of being shut up in a hotel for a few weeks. La Liga are looking for ways to get football back underway but  players are not likely to back the proposals. On Wednesday there will be a meeting between the captains of Liga teams, the coaches and the medics. It will be a discussion about the method of getting work back underway. However it will be the CSD and the health ministry who have to give the final OK to the Liga proposal.

One of the Liga suggestions is that teams close themselves in hotels with football pitches to have a type of preseason to get everyone back to shape. That would require players to leave their homes for a while, live together while training and then play some matches. La Liga want to avoid the prospect of any players being infected and passing on the virus.

The AFE (Spanish players’s union) don’t like it and neither do Barcelona’s players, who don’t see it as possible.

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