Barcelona set a deadline to know whether Vitor Roque will sign in January

Barcelona set a deadline to know whether Vitor Roque will sign in January

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The club and the player want to know soon if the deal will happen to help plan for the New Year

Barcelona's only priority for the January transfer window is the arrival of Vitor Roque, who will be their only signing this winter. The club have already told the player that they want to sign him now, but they have not given him the certainty that this will be the case.

The club and player talk constantly and have set a deadline of 15 November to make a final decision. Both the sports area and Xavi Hernández are putting pressure on the club to get the player, who could be key at the end of the season. Everything possible will be done to sign the Brazilian now.

Barça have been working on Vitor Roque's arrival for some time now after his signing was confirmed this summer. The club closed the summer transfer window with the registration of all players, including renewals and signings, but there is no more salary margin left to bring in players.

The two ways to sign Vitor Roque are to sell players -- something that is not foreseen -- or to increase income. They are not even ruling out the possibility of renewing a player's contract and getting them to reduce their salary this season, but for the moment no such agreement has been reached.

The Blaugrana plan to hold a meeting with LaLiga to discuss only the signing of Vitor Roque and present a plan to allow him to be registered until 30 June, bearing in mind that the player's salary in his first six months is very low. They are convinced that they can solve it, but for now, they don't have the OK. And the last negotiation will come at the beginning of November. From then on, everything will be clearer.

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