Barcelona reply to Leo Messi and say he cannot leave unilaterally

The club believe the expiry of the clause means he cannot walk away now

Bartomeu: Koeman me ha dicho que Messi es su pilar | FC Barcelona

Total war between Barcelona and Lionel Messi.

The player, through his lawyers, has told Barcelona that he intends to leave the club for free, now. He thinks he can do so.

Barcelona have replied saying that he does not have legal substance to do so, because the clause expired in June, meaning that clubs must pay the 700 million euro release clause if they want to sign him.

Messi might argue that the coronavirus break and season ending in August gives him ground to leave. What is in no doubt is his desire to go.

His people believe he had a week to do so after the Champions League final. Now it's a legal topic. A war between the club and their best ever player.

For now Barcelona have no intention of listening to offers for Leo Messi which aren't his 700m euro release clause. But it will be hard to keep him if he does not want to be part of the Koeman project.



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