Barcelona need to reach a deal with Frenkie de Jong... or for him

Barcelona need to reach a deal with Frenkie de Jong... or for him

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The Catalans must lower De Jong's salary or agree to sell him

Disturbing rumors about Frenkie de Jong came yesterday from England. Several media outlets, well-informed on Manchester United news, claimed the Dutch midfielder was no longer so reluctant to negotiate his transfer to United next summer and opened the doors to the possibility of an agreement.

Strange statements considering that De Jong has always made it clear that he will not move from Barça... unless his situation was untenable. There is no doubt that there is something that is moving, as well as that Barça must sit down with De Jong to clarify things and find a solution that ends this uncertainty. There are only two ways out: either a win-win sale or a salary reduction.

De Jong has already made it clear publically that he has not had a good time of late. He felt defenseless against the pressure of the Barça in the summer. Months later, his situation in the team has changed a lot and the messages of affection that he receives should open a path of understanding.

This month of January may be key to resolving this whole matter. At Barça they say they are happy they have the midfielder because there are few like him on the market and they are committed to him staying. That said, they are also clear that it will be practically impossible to keep him on the squad if both he and his entourage refuse to lower their salary - he is recovering the money that he postponed receiving due to the pandemic. One thing and the other can be compatible if the two parties sit at a table and consider their positions.

There are possible formulas such as a new contract renewal that is compatible with the adjustment that, foreseeably, the club will have to make this summer within the salary limit. If the agreement is not possible, the rumors that arrive from England may have some credibility.

United, Bayern and even Chelsea want him. And they would pay a lot of money for him, something that could become the lever that Barça needs to be able to sign some top-level players.

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