Barcelona put Antoine Griezmann on the transfer market

Barcelona put Antoine Griezmann on the transfer market

 Antoine Griezmann apareció de forma crucial para poner  el 1-1 en el marcador ante el Nápoles y dar traqnuilidad al Barça para el partido de vuelta / | Mediapro

The club are willing to sell the French forward for 100 million euros

Barcelona are working on two things. Improving the squad for next season and the second challenge is making and saving money because of the crisis which the club are suffering - finding formulas to deal with the impact the coronavirus is having on budgets.

It’s a scenario where there is less money to spend on transfers and so managing the resources you have is an important factor. It’s a new situation for everyone - although Barcelona last season did similar for Philippe Coutinho, finding a loan which paid his salary and the yearly amortisation.

Barcelona may look to do the same for Antonine Griezmann. They paid 120 million to Atletico Madrid and he has not performed at the level they hoped to match that cost. Barcelona will put him on the market to try and recover part of the money they paid - or at worst case, the salary and yearly amortisation.

Griezmann already arrived at Barcelona via the back door because the dressing room didn’t think they needed a player of his characteristics. He was eventually accepted into the group and has scored goals, some decisive, but time has proven those who thought his signing non-essential correct.

Barcelona would sell him for 100 million now, and clubs like Man United, PSG, Chelsea and Arsenal may be interested in buying him.

Another option is part of a player exchange and the third is that he stays as part of the squad. Quique Setien would still have a role for him.

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