Barcelona once again make PSG's Neymar their No.1 summer target

Barcelona once again make PSG's Neymar their No.1 summer target

 Neymar marcó en Champions ante el Galatasaray en el festival de goles del PSG / | MEDIAPRO

The Brazilian remains an obsession for the Catalan club as they plan for the summer

With three months to go until the end of the season and 28 months to remain on Neymar's Paris Saint-Germain contract, the Brazilian's name is once again on the table at Camp Nou. 

Just as was the case last summer, Barcelona have made Neymar their No.1 summer target. 

Signing him will depend on other signings. His elevated cost (170 million euros) would have an affect on other deals as Barça plan to be busy in the postseason. It will not be easy to deal with PSG, either. 

The offensive will start soon. It could even be next week if PSG are knocked out of the Champions League. They lost the first leg of their last 16 tie 2-1 to Borussia Dortmund and Neymar fought with the club after the game, complaining he was out of rhythm because they had stopped him playing in the run-up to the match. 


Recent results, the delicate situation of the squad, injury problems and the age of many of the dressing room heavyweights (including Messi) mean Barça feel the need to sign a reference player who can come in and deliver immediately and lead the team in the future. 

Neymar fits the bill. Loved at the club, with the ability to take the team on his back, respected by Messi, decisive on the pitch, keen to come back, at the peak of his career (he just turned 28)... He's perfect and would be Josep Maria Bartomeu's statement signing going into the final year of his mandate.  

It's complicated, though, because of his salary demands, the cost of the transfer, the club's financial situation and the spiralling wage bill. 

Barça want Neymar but don't yet have the response they had last summer. The Brazilian's not shown his complete desire to return yet, maybe because he's focused on the Champions League. 

Further complicating things is a third lawsuit (for 6.5 million euros) which Neymar's people filed last week. In total, he's claiming 36 million from the Catalan club, which isn't an invitation to come back. 

In addition, PSG have tried to renew his deal, which ends in 2022. For now, they've not managed to. Despite all that, Barça are ready to try again and have ideas about how to swing the negotiations in their favour.  

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