Barcelona meet with the club captains but can't agree on wage cuts


The Catalan club need to reduce spending this season to register new players

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Albert Masnou

Barcelona have held meetings with the agents Vicente Forés, Josep Maria Orobitg and Arturo Canales to try and agree wage cuts with Jordi Alba, Gerard Piqué, Sergi Roberto and Sergio Busquets.

Mateu Alemany met with the players' representatives for negotiations which did not give the result the club were hoping for, with the agents not initially accepting reductions to their clients' salaries.

The players have said no to the club's first and second offers. The club first wanted to reduce their wages and later, seeing a reluctance, were willing to extend their deals to make up for the loss.

For now, things have frozen with the club hitting a wall in their bid to reduce their wage bill. 

The next step could be for president Joan Laporta to step in and replace Alemany and see if he can move things along. 

Barça have over €1 billion gross debt and need to significantly cut their wage bill to comply with La Liga's fair play rules this summer. 

A failure to do so could see them unable to register their new signings of Lionel Messi's new contract. 



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