Barcelona have filed five lawsuits against journalists in the 'Negreira case'

Barcelona have filed five lawsuits against journalists in the 'Negreira case'

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The Catalan club plan to publish more as they defend their image "against attacks"

Barcelone have gone on the attack in the 'Negreira case'. This Wednesday, March 22, the club filed five lawsuits against different journalists and media that have tried to damage the image of the club with their information about the payments made to the former vice-president of the refereeing committee. 

Four more lawsuits are scheduled to be filed this Thursday and five more are in the pipeline. The aim is to defend the club's honour and the legitimacy of its sporting successes, which have been constantly questioned since the scandal broke.

At the same time, Barça will set up an email address so that all socios who wish to do so can send the club information published in the media that they believe could be sued. The Blaugrana want to involve Barça fans in the defence of the club in these times of maximum tension and constant attacks.

At the moment, there is still no date for Joan Laporta's press conference, in which the president must give detailed explanations about the 'Negreira case'. It could be next week, taking advantage of the international break.

As Laporta himself announced in a video he made public before the Liga clásico, Barça plan to defend themselves against the attacks, which he considers "a campaign to destabilise the team and control the club."

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