Barcelona's economic future dependent on Dinamo Kiev game

Barcelona's economic future dependent on Dinamo Kiev game

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The Catalans cannot afford to be eliminated from the Champions League

Eduard Romeu, Barcelona’s economic vice president spoke on Catalunya Radio. “Our budgets expect that the first team will reach the Champions League quarter finals,” he said. Losing against Dinamo Kiev on Wednesday would make that a lot harder.

Barca lost their first games 3-0 against Bayern Munich and Benfica. Losing would create further financial problems.

Not reaching the next round would cost Barcelona 9.6 million. Not reaching the quarters, a further 10.6m, as Romeu revealed.

Getting knocked out and entering the Europa League would see Barca lose out on 17m euros, given they would get 1.2m and 1.8m more if they get through to the quarters there. Winning the competition would bring Barca 14.5mm, far less than just getting through to the quarter finals of the Champions League

That could impact the 20m euros that Barca think they have to spend in January.

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