Barcelona could offer Manchester United's Angel Di Maria a return to La Liga

Barcelona could offer Manchester United's Angel Di Maria a return to La Liga

Angel Di Maria still doesn't know which shirt he will be wearing next season. Currently playing in the Copa America, the Argentine only knows two things. The first, is that he still has a contract with Manchester United. The second, is that he would like to leave Old Trafford as soon as possible. And in this scenario, both the player and his agent have spent weeks looking for clubs at the top level prepared to pay what it would cost to do a deal with United. Barça are one of the clubs interested in a possible deal, with the response from Di Maria and his agent positive. 

A few days ago, in SPORT, we revealed that Luis Enrique had given a list of instructions to be followed in regards to planning for the next season. He asked for a player with speed, capable of unbalancing defences and opening up tight games. Basically, to sign a player to take the weight off the demands on Lionel Messi and Neymar to change games. A player who is good in one-on-one situations. Angel Di Maria fits those qualities. 

Barça have gone further than just inquire. They have not only confirmed Di Maria's wish to end his spell in the Premier League, but have also verified his willingness to return to the Spanish league. It's still premature to talk about negotiations and a formal offer to United, but the Argentine international knows that he is on a list of potential signings at Barça. He can adjust to the needs of the team, Luis Enrique would be happy with him and he is available on the market. 

The electoral process at Barça, though, has slowed down contact. It's a waiting game to see who the new president is and what other transfers take place. For example, nobody is sure what players like Pedro and Munir will do this summer or where they will start next season. The Copa America is also an issue. Di Maria, and other players at the tournament in Chile, are not doing any talking about their futures personally while they are still involved with their countries. It means everything is parked for now. 

Van Gaal opens the door

Regardless of whether it's Barça or not, what is not up for debate is that Di Maria wants to leave Manchester United and Louis van Gaal would be happy to let him leave. He has not hit the Dutchman's demands during his season in the English league. 

United realise they could get an important amount of money for him, more than for most players they have in their squad. That money can be re-invested. However, Barça have not yet been in touch with the Premier League side to establish a price or talk about any conditions. None of that. 

Luis Enrique is currently enjoying some time off, while Barça are wrapped up in the electoral process. All the work in terms of analysing potential signings and making desicions is done, now it's a question of seeing what happens over the course of the summer. Di Maria is liked, a lot, by Barça, and the Argentine would love to return to La Liga dressed in blaugrana