Barcelona board to hold 'fiery' meeting on Friday after difficult week

The club have issues to solve after the social media scandal reported by SER

Bartomeu anuncia que el Barça rescinde contrato con I3 Ventures, vinculada a campaña de desprestigio de jugadores en redes sociales | EFE

One of the toughest weeks of 2020 for the Barcelona hierarchy will culminate on Friday with a board meeting at Camp Nou.

What will happen? That is the question right now. What seems clear is that the meeting will be fiery and packed full of tension after the allegations the club hired a company to discredit players and people related to the club on social media. 

The scandal, labeled Barcagate, has unfolded throughout the week after the initial report by Catalunya SER. The club denied any involvement in the smear campaigns. 

Rumours suggest, though, that several members of the board could present their resignations on Friday after it emerged the company hired by the club were associated with the social media accounts. 

Barça terminated their contract with the company, I3 Ventures, but there are questions about how they could not have known they were behind the accounts. 

If there are not regulations, there could be dismissals. Nothing is clear but nothing has been ruled out. 

Josep Maria Bartomeu presidirá hoy una Junta Directiva que puede ser tensa | EFE

In principle, the board meeting has been called to study the final details of the Espai Barça project and to agree on a date to sign everything off once and for all. But this week's events have left that in the background. 


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