Barcelona are worried Ousmane Dembele already has a plan

Barcelona are worried Ousmane Dembele already has a plan

Dembélé mostró su mejor cara ante la Juventus / | MEDIAPRO

The Frenchman did not want to renew his contract in the summer and may go for free

Because of his frequent slip-ups, Ousmane Dembele may seem like a carefree type, but the reality is different. He is faithful to those close to him and will follow their instructions. That is what Barcelona are worried about now.

His contract ends in June 2022, which leaves only 13 months before other clubs can start to negotiate with him on a free transfer. It's no secret that Barca tried to sell Dembele this summer, but he always responded the same way: "I'm not moving from Barcelona."

At Barca they are starting to believe Dembele will stay on his big contract here then walk away in 2022 to get an even bigger deal elsewhere. They have made informal contact since the transfer window shut to try and renew his deal but there is no interest from his part. 

Next summer is the last chance Barca will have to get some of the huge fee they paid for the ex Borussia Dortmund winger. The other option is letting him go for free a year early just to be rid of his big contract. The player might like that.

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