Barcelona and Koeman have complete confidence in Philippe Coutinho

Barcelona and Koeman have complete confidence in Philippe Coutinho

A January exit is not being contemplated for the Brazilian playmaker

Philippe Coutinho was set to be an important part of Ronald Koeman's Barcelona side this season and his recent dip in form following an injury has not changed the Dutch coach's plans.

Coutinho feels supported by Koeman and the dressing room. In the summer, he insisted the Brazilian stayed despite offers from elsewhere and assured the player and the club he would have an important role for him.

As we approach the January transfer window, Coutinho's possible exit has been all but ruled out.

First of all, because he doesn't want a repeat of what happened when he joined Barça in January 2018. He believes moving clubs midseason interferes with the adaption process.  


In addition, he is still completely backed by Koeman. He started the season well, a continuation of his form at the end of the last campaign with Bayern Munich.

However, an inopportune injury in the Clasico left him out for a month and he missed important games for club and for country.

Now he wants to get back to his best level. In this second spell at Barcelona, his family are happy, despite losing the support of Luis Suarez, who he was close with from his time at Liverpool.

Changing cities again is not on his family's mind following the birth of his first son, Jose, his third chile with his partner, Aine.


Coutinho has a contract until June 2023. And any sale would have to be at least 70 million euros for losses not to be registered on the deal.

Regardless of whether or not Koeman or Coutinho want him to stay, the club don't expect anyone to appear in January with a suitable offer.

Making predictions in the current financial climate due to the pandemic is complicated, though. In the summer, when we know more about the success of the vaccines, clubs may have a better idea of their finances.


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