Barcelona alert to the Jadon Sancho-Man United crisis

Barcelona alert to the Jadon Sancho-Man United crisis

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Barcelona are keeping a close eye on the situation of Jadon Sancho, the Manchester United player who has been dismissed from the team by his coach Erik Ten Hag, without the coach putting a date on the end of the punishment imposed for the bad attitude of the English player in recent weeks.  

Everything started after a substitution of Sancho who, since the beginning of the season, has not been part of the starting line-up for the Dutch coach. In the first three matches he was a substitute and after the match against Nottingham Forest he exploded. The England international claimed he was being used as a "scapegoat" after the Dutch boss said he had been left out of the squad against Arsenal because of his performance in training. 

"Please don't believe everything you read. I will not allow people to say things that are completely false. I have forced myself to train very well this week. I think there are other reasons for this issue that I won't go into. I've been a scapegoat for a long time, which is not fair," was the footballer's statement on his social media. A post he later deleted. 

Ten Hag was blunt and has removed him from the team, to train alone. "I think we have built the team in a smart way," Ten Hag said, "We have a lot of options there, so I don't worry about that. We have options to play there." I don't know if Jadon Sancho will be back in the team, as one of the team." 

Faced with this situation, the player himself is already considering an exit, an option that will not be easy as he cost 85 million euros three seasons ago. Jadon Sancho has never managed to reach in Manchester the performance he offered in Germany (Borussia Dormundt) so not only he is considering a departure, but the club itself would also be interested. 

It is not easy to find a club that can pay the same amount, but the crisis in Manchester is so big that anything can happen. 

Barcelona are alert to the development of events in Manchester, keeping an eye on the eventual possibility of acquiring the services of this player on loan for the January market. He is a left winger who would complete the Barça attack as there are many options on the right, but none on the left. 

The club, for the moment, has not made a single move, but is keeping an eye on everything that happens around this player.

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