Barça's Luis Suarez will never forget his return to Liverpool

He worked hard as always on a night when the home fans turned on him

El Barça quedó eliminado de la Champions League al caer 4-0 en Anfield. El cuarto gol, obra de Origi, fue todo un esperpento | MEDIAPRO

Luis Suarez returned to the place he called home for nearly four years on Tuesday, to the club that provided the ramp to move to Barcelona. He returned with the hope of scoring his first away goal in the Champions League... since September 16, 2015! But the drought continued. 

Toni Frieros


It has to be recognised that Suarez gave his all, he ran until the final minute on the Anfield grass. He was always the first to lead the Barça pressure, chasing down Matip and Van Dijk. He ran from side to side without getting dizzy. 

Hard work & fight 

Suarez's best virtue, waiting for the ball in behind his markers, never arrived because the Liverpool defenders were so good. His capacity to fight drew corners and free kicks and also the first yellow for a home defender. Fabinho, who flew in on the Uruguayan. He didn't stop trying to win the ball back, even giving away fouls and breaking up chances for the English side to break. 

El charrúa trabajó y luchó, pero no pudo con la defensa del Liverpool | JAVI FERRÁNDIZ

Without doubt, his best moment arrived in the 50th minute. It could have changed the game. Messi threaded the ball through the lines and Suarez was in. The No.9, faced only with Alisson, shot straifght at the Brazilian goalkeeper. It was not his best effort. It was easy for the stopper in the end. 


With Liverpool dominating the ball and controlling the game, there were few chances for Suarez to get involved in the game and make the difference. There were no long balls or balls to feet. 

Not even in the final thralls of the game, with Barça pushing forward in search of a goal, could his nose for goal save the day. It was a tragic night for Suarez, as it was for all BArça players. It was a night to forget. It's on these nights, under pressure, when the big players have to deliver. And that didn't happen. 

Suarez, jeered by the home supporters, called a cheat and told to "f--k off" returns to Barcelona with bad memories of his Anfield return. 


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