Barça's Araujo 'offers' himself to Uruguay coach Bielsa as a full-back

Barça's Araujo 'offers' himself to Uruguay coach Bielsa as a full-back


The defender says he is ready to play wherever 'El Loco' wants him

Ronald Araujo is pure passion. Whether he wears a Barcelona or Uruguay shirt, the defender understands football in no other way than by pouring his heart out on the pitch. Playing at the limit, with fervour. Celebrating decisive defensive actions, such as a spectacular and hair-raising tackle against Colombia. Not just against anyone, but with Liverpool striker Luis Diaz as his 'victim'. 

In this context, the Barcelona centre-back (he had been unable to play for Uruguay for a year due to various injuries and misfortunes) recently spoke in an interview during the training camp with the Celeste. About Marcelo Bielsa. And about pure football, which is sometimes a forgotten topic when talking to footballers. 

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Asked if he would consider playing as a full-back, Araujo referred to his versatility on the pitch and his willingness to play wherever the coach asks him to. "Marcelo, when he counts on a player, it's not just one position, but also in more positions. I still don't know which position I'll play in, full-back, centre-back, but I'm available. Obviously, I feel more comfortable playing in the middle of defence..."


The arrival of Marcelo 'El Loco' Bielsa as coach has meant a profound change of direction. Uruguay is immersed in a transition. From Gargano, Martín Cáceres, Godín, Cavani, Luis Suárez and company to a new batch of players who are coming through with enthusiasm. And with the leadership of Ronald and Fede Valverde, the two mainstays. 

The Barça player, however, is clear about where he can add more: "I think I can contribute a lot to the team in the first phase with the ball, covering spaces and on the long ball, but that's the coach's decision. I'm here to contribute and to work together with my teammates."


Barranquilla is where the Colombian national team has its headquarters. It's a bit like Las Rozas for Spain. One of the reasons for this is the extreme weather conditions. Terrible humidity that makes you suffer. 

"I ended up very tired, there was tremendous humidity in the match. It was very intense, quite intense. There were moments when we were almost one-on-one at the back, and we have to recover. On Tuesday, we have a big game against a great opponent [Brazil], and I think we're going to be protagonists. We're going to go for it at home, in front of our own fans, and we have to keep going," said Araujo.

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