Barça will only re-open Rabiot talks if the PSG midfielder comes to them

The Catalan club have taken off the table the offer they previously made

 Albert Masnou y Dídac Peyret analizan el posible fichaje de Rabio por el Barça para SPORT  | Rubén Moreno

It's no secret that Adrien Rabiot is no longer a priority for Barcelona. The attitude of the player and the people around him have been key to the deal going cold, given the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder has been in contact with various Italian and English clubs over his future. Barça feel signing him now will be difficult, but they're ruling nothing out because it's a great market opportunity as he will be free when his PSG deal expires in June. But Barça will not make a move. If Rabiot wants to come in the summer, he will have to take the first step to prove his intentions. 

Barça wanted to sign Rabiot last summer and offered 40 million euros. His signing was impossible because PSG refused to negotiate and Barça were left to wait and see what would happen as he negotiated a new deal with the French club. In January, almost everything was in place to sign him but, incomprehensibly, his entourage gave excuses to not open continue with the final negotiations with Barcelona. 

Rabiot's mother, until now his agent, promised various times that she would visit Barça's offers to finalise the details, but that never happened. And during January the relationship ended despite the warnings and ultimatums that were made to the player and his entourage. 

The France midfielder is going through a difficult spell in Paris and is also anxious to resolve his future. For that reason, the player and his family have contracted an agent to find him a new club as soon as possible. Barcelona know first hand that there has been contact with several English and Italian clubs, but there have been no meetings. 

Without direct contact, Barça have taken their offer to Rabiot of the table -- and offer which came with a huge signing on fee and a big salary. If the player comes back knocking at the door, the next offer will not be so generous. 

Rabiot's told those closes to him that his desire is to move to Camp Nou next summer, but that's not been clear in the negotiations so far. Barça are not going to go out of the way for him now and will only open the door if Rabiot's people come to them in the coming weeks with the aim of doing a deal. His future remains uncertain but he will not be short of offers. 



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