Barça will identify the supporters who caused problems in Lyon

A formal complaint has been lodged with UEFA as the club insists it will eradicate violent behaviour from its fan base

Los Boixos Nois estuvieron presentes en Lyon | sport

FC Barcelona have publicised a statement in which it informs the means the club have taken against the events which occured recently in Lyon during the Champions League clash.

The statement has five points. The first explains that the club is working to identify their supporters who were involved in the incidents.

The second point states that when a supporter has been identified, the club's disciplinary committee will meet to decide the appropriate punishments if the guilty party is a season ticket holder.

The third point explains how the ticket process is handled. Barcelona give season ticket holders 80% with 20% going to local fan clubs. If the guilty party are fan club members, their own organisation will take charge of the punishments.

The club has also opened avenues for fellow supporters who have information to pass it onto the club. There is an email address: and a telephone number: 902189900 (option 4).

In the fifth and final point the club informs that an official complaint has been lodged and is being investigated by UEFA.

To finalise, FC Barcelona maintain their desire "to keep fighting to eradicate any form of violent behaviour and to guarantee that away trips to watch the first team remain a family friendly experience which is comfortable and safe".


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