Barça want up to €40 million per year for Camp Nou naming rights

Barça want up to €40 million per year for Camp Nou naming rights

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Laporta spoke about a number of financial issues related to the Catalan club

Barcelona president Joan Laporta was on TV3 on Friday and, as well as sporting issues, spoke about institutional and economic matters, such as revealing the club want between €30m and €40m for the naming rights to Camp Nou.

Here are some of Laporta's quotes:

Goldman Sachs: “The socios always (will own the club). That's a red line we won't cross. Goldman Sachs and other investors understand that."

Espai Barça: “It's not an expense, it's an investment. This project will help Barça grow economically. Other clubs have taken this step. If we don't do it, we will be left even further behind our rivals. It will be a beautiful piece of architecture and the pride of Barcelona."

Transparency: “It's our responsibility to be the first to inform of where every euro we invest is going. We have to remember that the Espai Barça project will be financed by the €200m we will generate each year in additional revenue."

Naming rights for Camp Nou: “We have at least five offers. We want around €30m to €40m per season. They're contracts that usually last for 10 or 15 years."

Shirt sponsor: “We'd like to get it sorted before the end of the year or early 2022. Nike need time to make the shirts, with Rakuten's contract running out. There is a good relationship with Rakuten, we could renew with them, but there are other companies offering more and at the moment the amount is important."

Depreciation post-Messi: “In the summer, some investors backed down with Messi's exit. But the surveys that we have now say that people are excited about Barça again post-Messi. Also the investors."

Super League. “It's a project that's moving forward. It would be the most attractive competition in the world. For that reason, Barça must be there. UEFA have a great competition, the Champions League, and don't want to stop that. The clubs want to be the ones that govern this competition, we're the ones that have obligations with paying the players. We don't need a regulator like UEFA, who take 25 percent... If they take 5 percent we could still talk... and for that reason, there's still dialogue open with UEFA."

CVC alternative: “The offer we have is much better than CVC's. It's a viable alternative that is sustainable. We think it's better. It's €2 billion. It's a more favourable offer. It could represent an important amount of money coming in for Barça. The CVC one is not viable and mortgages off the television rights for half a century. We hope the other clubs value this alternative proposal and show up the one presented by the president of LaLiga."

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