Barça want Camp Nou sponsor as soon as possible

Barça want Camp Nou sponsor as soon as possible

It's decided. FC Barcelona want a surname for Camp Nou as soon as possible. The idea is to look for a partner, whose name will appear all around the stadium, in December. Without delay. 

It will not be easy because these type of negotiations usually take more than a year. For that reason, it will not be plain sailing and, above all, obliges the club to go hand in hand with a specialist in the field. The best, due to leading the way in this type of income, are the Americans, who have been adding sponsors to stadiums for nearly 100 years - nearly all the country's stadiums have one. 

FC Barcelona have chosen to work with Van Wagner, an American company who, since 1998, have helped with the naming rights for 16 clients, including the New York Jets and the New York Giants, who share the MetLife stadium. They also worked with Arsenal, arranging the Emirates sponsorship. 

Barça's board, who have still not made this alliance official, hope to have a sponsor before the General Assembly in 2016 - therefore it could be passed at this meeting. 

According to people close to the matter, and using past deals in America and Europe as a reference, FC Barcelona could earn 20 million euros each season for adding a sponsor to Camp Nou's name - at least. These deals are usually long - 20 or 30 years. This income is of vital importance to Barcelona as they aim to continue with their big project of the future: the new Camp Nou and Espai Barça.