Barca tie up Sao Paulo striker Gustavo Mala

Barca tie up Sao Paulo striker Gustavo Mala

 El conjunto azulgrana ha atado a la joya brasileña del Sao Paulo / | sport

They have paid 1m euros for sale rights if they get him before June 30

FC Barcelona have tied up Gustavo Maia, a Sao Paulo FC striker, 19 years old.

SPORT have learned that the Blaugrana have paid one million euros for the winger. If they want to complete the deal they must pay 3.5m euros more before June 30, getting 70 per cent of his rights, with the other 30 per cent remaining with the Tricolor Paulista.

Maia is considered one of the jewels at Sao Paulo FC. He joined from Morumbi in 2014 at 13 years old. He has a contract with his club until 2022.

The young forward is right-footed but has great technique and uses his left nearly as well. He is versatile in attack and can play in any position but is best on the wing.

Two seasons ago Maia had come onto Barca’s radar as they combed the South American market. He had a good Copa Sao Paulo de Juniores, scoring three in seven games.

Sao Paulo executive Alexandre Passaro also confirmed the deal to ESPN Brazil.

“We sell the option to buy to Barca for 5m reales (1m euros) and if they want to buy him they pay 25m reales (4.5m euros in total).

“If Barca don’t execute the option we gain the initial fee.”