Barça threaten to terminate Umtiti's contract


Barça threaten to terminate Umtiti's contract

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The player has been given one week to agree to one of the offers that are currently on the table

Barça's patience with Samuel Umtiti is wearing thin. The club is understood to be frustrated with the player's attitude, and has given him one week to agree to a move before further measures are taken. If the player does not accept any of the offers currently on the table from Ligue 1 clubs, the club may unilaterally terminate his contract. SPORT had reported earlier this month that this was an option being considered by FC Barcelona, who remain desperate to reduce their wage bill. They have already trodden this path with Matheus Fernandes, and may be forced to do so again if the French centre back does not agree to a move.

Barça officials are very frustrated with the player's attitude. He asked for one final opportunity to prove his worth this pre-season, and the club directors and coaching staff agreed to his request. The deal was that, if Umtiti had not convinced Koeman by the start of the season, he would agree to leave the club. The Dutch coach gave him minutes in the first two friendlies, before telling the defender that he would not figure in his plans for the upcoming season. Despite this, the ex-Lyon defender has not kept his word and remains reluctant to leave the club. Barça now have almost no hope that a mutual agreement can be reached.


If the defender does not accept one of the offers currently on the table, the club will be forced to take more serious measures. They have made the decision the player needs to leave this summer, and may be forced to unilaterally terminate his contract in order to get him off the books. They've already trodden this path once this summer (with Matheus Fernandes), and they will do it again with Umtiti if they need to.

The ball is now in Umtiti's court. Either he agrees to a transfer, or Barça will terminate his contract - despite the risk of legal action taken by the player.

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