Barça tell SPORT they "categorically" deny there was any irregularity regarding Abidal's liver transplant

Barcelona want to defend the honour of the player, the foundation and the hospital which undertook the procedure to replace Abidal's liver

Eric Abidal
Eric Abidal | sport

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In response to a telephone call from SPORT, sources at Barcelona "categorically deny that there was any type of irregularity in the treatment, operation or transplant" of the procedure involving Eric Abidal's liver transplant.

The same sources insist they "fully trust the Hospital Clinic" during the process of the transplant for the now director of football at Barcelona.

The clubs affirms "you can't doubt the honour of Abidal or the foundation which was created since the transplant took place".

And lastly, according to SPORT's sources, the club and Abidal want to "calmly" study the case which the believe is "complex" and will make a public statement about it in the next few hours.



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