Barça target Bernardo Silva speaks out on his future

Barça target Bernardo Silva speaks out on his future

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The Portuguese midfielder addressed the rumours in an interview with Arab News.

One of FC Barcelona's top targets has once again spoken about his future. On many occasions, he has been sought by other teams and it is expected to be the case this summer window as well. Although he has not wanted to give importance to the reports about a possible departure from the sky blues, he has not completely denied them either.

Pep Guardiola's side are entering the decisive part of the season, where they have their sights set on cutting Arsenal's lead to two points. Arteta's side look relentless, and having to also overcome Bayern in the Champions League, they will need to show unity in Manchester.

"Whatever happens will happen"

In an interview for Arab News, he confessed: "Honestly, whatever is said doesn't affect me. I'm trying to do my best and then whatever happens, happens. There are three months of competition left and so many important things to fight for, like the Champions League, which we always wanted to win. Even if we win this Premier League, that's five out of six seasons which is a great achievement and the FA Cup which we've only won once since I've been here," said the Portuguese.

One can easily read between the lines that Bernardo Silva has only stopped the rumours for the moment, not shutting out any of the possibilities.

Manchester City keep the door open for his exit

The English side have set his price tag at €65 million, €15 million more than they paid Monaco to make his arrival official in 2017. His departure this summer could be a reality, although FC Barcelona will find it more than complicated to be able to offer a competitive bid. Joan Laporta is still working with Jorge Mendes to bring him in, with several other names on the table as well.

If the Portuguese is intent on moving to the Mediterranean, teams like Real Madrid - with better financial muscle - have also shown interest in him and could offer him a way out.

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