Barça striker Luis Suarez has ruled out joining Juventus this summer

The Uruguayan striker won't be able to attain Italian citizenship before the 6th October

luis Suárez, ¿a un paso de la Juventus? | Perform

Luis Suarez won't be joining Juventus according to RAC1. The Uruguayan striker turned down the proposal from the Serie A kings this Tuesday and will now explore other options. 

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The reason behind Suarez rejecting the move is because he can't attain Italian citizenship before the 6th October and, as such, won't be eligible to play in the Champions League. According to RAC1, this is why Suarez is now looking for a different club.

There is no chance Suarez stays at Barcelona and he isn't short of offers either.

Now, both Barça and Suarez will need to study the other options available and find a solution that works for all parties.


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