Barça runs into a 'curious problem' in midst of their sales of Lewandowski's shirt

Barça runs into a 'curious problem' in midst of their sales of Lewandowski's shirt

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Some of Barça's official stores ran out of the letter 'W' due to high demand from fans, some of whom had to leave empty-handed in disappointment

Lewandowski has not yet made his debut with Barça, barely 24 hours have passed since the official announcement of his signing and he does not even have a shirt number, but the Barça fans have already rushed ahead to buy the shirt with the name of their new player, who is their team's big hope for the season.

Funnily enough, some of the official Barça stores have had issues stamping the player's name on the new kit, the reason being that they ran out of the letter 'W' due to the high demand for Lewandowski's name, and many fans had to go home disappointed. Initially, the solution has been to redirect the influx of customers to the stores that had availability of that letter, but the problem has since been resolved, and the shirt of the new star is soon to be available in any store. Also, the number he will wear next season will be confirmed very soon, since according to recent reports, the 34-year-old striker might have added a clause in his contract that would force the club to give him the 9, as was already expected.

Social networks have been filled with comments from users, many highlighting how badly Barça have managed this situation. Since selling shirts is an important commercial aspect of the signing of Lewy, ideally, the club should have sensed the possibility of this setback and overstocked the stores with all the necessary materials.

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