Barça president Joan Laporta doesn't rule out accepting CVC offer

The club said no at first but if its reformulated it could be given the green light

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Barcelona's decision to reject LaLiga's CVC deal has led to a lot of column inches in recent months and some strong comments from Javier Tebas.

As things stand, Barça, along with Real Madrid and Athletic Club, are still out of the agreement but things could change and Joan Laporta confirmed as much in an interview with SPORT.

"As it was presented to us, no," the Barça president said. "If they reformulate it, and we already had a meeting with them, we will study it again. The CVC project's only been explained to us with power points, we still don't have the documents we'd have to sign.

"Barça cannot say yes officially without studying the document properly. For now, given what they've explained to us, we don't like it. Yes, we would receive 270 million euros, but as debt. They say it's an investment or a loan... so they can give me the documents and we will study it.

"To use 10 percent of our future television rights for half a century as a guarantee, no. Barça cannot sign a contract with their eyes closed even it the dangling carrot is worth 270 million euros. They know we have a complicated financial situation and maybe they're using us."

With respect to the Super League, Laporta says the project is still alive.

"It's not parked, the opposite, it's alive and dialogue is open with all sorts of people in football who are working on it," he said. "Juve, Real Madrid and Barcelona are all there and we keep winning in the courts. We're still working on making a more attractive competition.

"That's why we're there, to achieve that, and it could be favourable economically for the clubs that take part that it's an open competition, with promotion and relegation. Also, it should be noted we're not closing the door on UEFA, as much as they have acted aggressively from the start.

"They saw the Champions League threatened and the Super League would be a proposal to replace the Champions League, but not with a belligerent attitude but rather a dialogue with UEFA ".



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