Barca players forced to 'retire' from playing padel

Barca players forced to 'retire' from playing padel

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FC Barcelona players have had no choice but to put their padel racquets at the back of the closet. They will not use them for a long time. Not with the club's authorization, at least. On returning from the summer tour of the United States, the club informed the squad that the practice of padel was explicitly forbidden. 

Until now, a good part of the Azulgrana dressing room used to spend part of their free time playing padel. Some of them even have courts at their homes, so they didn't even have to 'leave home' to have fun for a while with just a flick of the wrist. They did it, of course, without going too hard. More to stretch their legs and get active than to compete in the strict sense of the word. But now that's over.

At the end of the summer, when updating the internal disciplinary code, the coaching staff explicitly added a ban on playing padel. Not that it had been permitted as such up to that point, but it was not mentioned as such in the list of prohibited activities. In other words, there was a kind of legal vacuum regarding the game.

When they took over, the coaching staff found a locker room without rules, without limits. In their attempt to take care of every last detail, the staff wants to minimize the risk of injury, hence its decision regarding padel. As it is, the players have no choice but to watch it on television or on their phones instead. There are several who follow the World Padel Tour closely.

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