Barça now shift all their focus to Bernardo Silva and Marcos Alonso

Barça now shift all their focus to Bernardo Silva and Marcos Alonso

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Now that almost all the signings are registered, the club are confident of signing the two targets next week.

This summer transfer window will undoubtedly go down in Barça's history. The club has managed to secure the majority of their targets but it is not over yet. After registering all the new signings, excluding Koundé, Barça are now going for their last two targets, Marcos Alonso and Bernardo Silva.

The wing-back is the closest to signing. Barça and Chelsea have been stalling the operation to wait on Frenkie de Jong, but Chelsea are close to giving up and are now looking at a direct transfer with stipulated fees of around 8 million euros. The English club have already given the player their go-ahead, and the plan is for Marcos to be in Barcelona by next week. Xavi hopes to have him for the league clash against Real Sociedad.

With Bernardo Silva, Barça now have the finances to sign him and Joan Laporta has informed the player that they will do so even if De Jong does not leave. Barça hope that once the Portuguese has been signed, De Jong will realise that he will no longer be a starter and he may leave the club of his own accord. The Spanish club will force the issue.

FC Barcelona and Bernardo Silva have agreed on personal terms for the next four seasons. The biggest question is the price tag. Talks suggest an amount close to 65 million euros, which the club can pay. Convinced that they will be able to register the player, the club will go all out for him. The key to the whole affair is the salary reduction of Piqué and Busquets. Barça are working on it, and believe they will have everything sorted out before 31 August.

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