Barca have an opportunity to sign Benjamin Pavard

Barca have an opportunity to sign Benjamin Pavard

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The club are interested in the French defender at Bayern Munich

Barcelona are looking at a right-back for the present and the future. The sports department want to sign a player who can be a starter in that area and be a key part of the club going forward. They had looked at various options, including Benjamin Pavard, who will leave Bayern Munich because his relationship with the coach, Julian Nagelsmann, is broken. It’s a market opportunity that has appeared, although Barca won’t enter into a race for him. If he Pavard wants to come, he has to choose Barca to make things easier.

Pavard admitted he doesn’t see his future at Bayern. And in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, he said his time in Germany was up and he would leave in 2023 as he does not want to renew his deal that expires in 2024.

Bayern want to sell him as they can make a bit of money for him now. He has had a falling out with his his coach and was fined after failing an alcohol test after a game. Bayern want part of the 35m euros back for him that they bought him for..

Barca were close to signing Pavard before he went to Bayern. Milan, Chelsea and Madrid have also been linked but there are no firm offers yet.

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