Barça's Franck Kessie's other obsession: his foundation in the Ivory Coast


Barça's Franck Kessie's other obsession: his foundation in the Ivory Coast

The midfielder is very implicated in the project helping people in the African country

One of the things Franck Kessie is most excited about is his foundation. It is run by Éric Bédy, a friend and confidant, and for the last couple of years, they have been running various projects with children and people in situations of social exclusion in the Ivory Coast. 

In the field of education, the foundation aims to contribute to the renovation of 5,000 schools. This action has already had an effect in Kessie' native village (Zebizekou in Gagnoa) with two primary schools. As far as health is concerned, the NGO wants to cover a large part, if not a large all, of the medical costs of people who cannot afford treatment. It is also planning an action plan for young people in December: to help 100 young people to obtain a driving license.

Kessie implication

"The foundation is something I created to help small clubs in my country and people who don't have the means. They live in situations that I have known and that I have experienced. People who don't have an easy life. To share and participate in the evolution of the Ivory Coast. The Franck Kessie Foundation continues to work to do things to help the country grow and why not grow within the African continent. The goal is to continue to help," Franck told us during an interview with SPORT.  

Whenever he goes to his country (several times a year) Franck takes the opportunity to visit some of the children he helps. His wife is also very involved in the project and often travels to the Ivory Coast during the year (as Kessie's schedule is usually very busy) to sponsor events and take an active part.

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