Barça focus attention on Moukoko because of cost of Endrick deal

Barça focus attention on Moukoko because of cost of Endrick deal

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Moukoko and Endrick are two of the hottest young strikers in the game right now

Barcelona are consdiering the signing Youssoufa Moukoko, the talented Borussia Dortmund striker, who played in the World Cup at just 18 years of age.

The Blaugrana believe they could win the bidding for the player and, therefore, gave up on the Brazilian Endrick, who will sign for Real Madrid, considering that this would be a much more attractive operation.

Moukoko's contract expires on June 30. He has not renewed and Barça know that he wants to sign, but there must be consensus throughout the club to activate a move.

The teenager is one of the great sensations of the Bundesliga. He has exploded this season with six goals and four assists, something that has helped him become a regular for the German side. He is much more accomplished than Endrick and adapted to European football, which is why Barça always considered him a priority option in the case of betting on the signing of a young attacker.

The Catalan club studied the Endrick operation with various meetings with his agents, who visited Barcelona on a regular basis, and the Brazilian was also invited to visit the facilities and speak with Xavi, but the club backed down when they learned the million-dollar figures of any deal. They consider that it is too high a risk at an economically difficult time, for which reason a firm offer was not submitted.

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In the case of Moukoko, Barça were studying the operation in parallel to Endrick and there are reasons that make it much more advisable. The first thing is that he would come at zero cost, although that would also imply a high salary due to the enormous quality of the footballer.

And it also helps the fact that he has been a staunch follower of Barça and a fan of Lionel Messi since he was little. His publications on social media make that clear and it would be a dream come true to be able to play at Camp Nou.

The operation will not be easy, though, because several clubs have contacted the player's camp and Chelsea would be willing to pay a fortune to get the young star. Despite that, Barça feel Moukoko prioritises either renewing with Dortmund or, in the case he leaves, joining them.

Moukoko is in a stage of growth and does not want to remain stagnant and knows that at Barcelona he will have enormous competition, while at Dortmund his minutes are more assured. In Germany, they take it almost for granted that he will end up staying, although he could renew with a Haaland-style exit clause.

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Be that as it may, at Barça there is a debate about whether to sign more young players since the team already has enough young players. There is no doubt about Moukoko's quality and the reports are also good, but they are also clear that perhaps a more senior profile would be better if they finally strengthen the team offensively. There are interesting zero-cost options that are also being studied and a decision will be made.

What seems very clear is that Barça hope to reinforce the attack next summer. Memphis Depay is expected to leave and Barça believe it would be good to incorporate a goalscorer to accompany Robert Lewandowski.

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