The Barça dressing room feels Lionel Messi's return is getting closer


The Barça dressing room feels Lionel Messi's return is getting closer

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The Catalan club have not hidden their desire to bring the Argentine back from Paris

Lionel Messi's possible return to Barcelona continues to be talked about. The Argentine has still not renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain and has not taken a step forward to accept offers from the United States or Saudi Arabia. All this has increased the illusion around Barça of a possible return, including inside the Blaugrana dressing room. 

Messi is still in contact with several of his former teammates and in private conversations he has left the possibility open. All are aware of the economic difficulties to carry out the operation, with a Javier Tebas lurking with Financial Fair Play, but the option is on the table.

His teammates would be delighted with his return. They know that Messi would be keen to sign off with a good taste in his mouth after his bitter departure in August 2021. A motivated Leo would be a great incentive for the rest of the team. He will be 36 by the summer, but he showed at the World Cup in Qatar that he has plenty of football left in his boots.

Optimistic messages

If he doesn't come back, it won't be because he does not want to. Messi has made Barcelona his home. His adaptation to Paris in his second year has improved, but nothing compares to his time in Castelldefels and his games at Spotify Camp Nou.

Coach Xavi would be the first to welcome him back. He has made no secret publicly that he would love to work with Leo again and players who do not know him personally, such as Robert Lewandowski, have also spoken in favour of his return.

In public, the discourse is the same as in private. The players are receiving 'inputs' that seeing Messi back in a Barça shirt is not a pipe dream. Behind-the-scenes, work is being done on the operation. 

Teammates are aware of the movements. The reality may be different. However, there is a feeling that nothing is impossible and anything can still happen in the coming months.

The wills of all the parties involved are crossing. That of the president, Joan Laporta, that of the coach, Xavi, that of the Barça players and, of course, that of Messi. Now it remains to overcome the highest step: that everything fits into the complex context in which the current FC Barcelona moves.

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