Barça dressing room angry at Vinícius' attitude after run of Clásicos

Barça dressing room angry at Vinícius' attitude after run of Clásicos

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The Brazilian was once again centre stage in Madrid's win over Barcelona this week

Vinícius Júnior was once again a protagonist in the Clásico. He produced a great performance in the Real Madrid's 4-0 win at Spotify Camp Nou, but he went out over the top, too, and did not know how to win. 

The Barça dressing room is really angry with the behaviour of the Brazilian after several Barça-Madrid battles in which the good feeling lost during the years of Jose Mourinho had been recovered. Even the Los Blancos players had to hold Vinicius back on occasions when he was on the verge of being sent off.

The Barcelona players, also angry at the result, did not understand Vinícius' attitude from minute one, confronting several players and making very derogatory comments. He was especially angry with his marker, Ronald Araújo, who had infinite patience, and with Gavi, a more hot-blooded player. He also had a go at Ferran Torres before he was substituted. Several of Madrid's players tried to mediate given the good relationship they have with the Barcelona players, but the Brazilian was beside himself.

Araújo verbalised the team's anger at the end of the game, making it clear that Vinícus should change his attitude on the pitch. The winger has already been involved in serious altercations in several stadiums and Madrid fear he will be singled out. In fact, the referees are always tense about the performances of the Madrid player, who tends to raise the tension to a higher level than is allowed.

Madrid as a club have always defended Vinícius' attitude and believe that there is a campaign against him to destabilise him, but the truth is that there are also concerns about certain behaviours. They believe that it is a matter of age and that with time he will mature, but he has only contributed to heating up the derbies, which, in the years before, had calmed down a lot.

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