Barça could fine Ousmane Dembele for not revealing his injury last weekend


If it is confirmed that the player hid his potential injury and didn't undergo medical tests immediately, it's considered a "very serious" offence

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It was revealed yesterday that Ousmane Dembele could face punishment from Barça if it's discovered he hid his injury from the medical staff last weekend and didn't undergo tests the following day. The winger instead decided to spend a couple of days with his family.

Ramón Fuentes

Should it been confirmed he deliberately chose not to say anything it's an act which is considered "very serious" by the Liga de Fútbol Profesional and AFE. These incidents are dealt with at the end of the 2019/20 season.

"Disobedience that involves a serious breach of discipline or that causes serious harm to the Club or organisation, including the breaking of a sanction." It could be considered an act of disobedience if he travelled abroad, knowing he was injured, and is now facing five weeks out.

The consequences could see Dembele suspended - without pay - from between 11 and 30 days. If it was the minimum suspension, it would work out at around 360,000 euros. If it goes up to around the month mark it would result in a 1,000,000 euro fine.

Even if Dembele isn't suspended the punishment for his error could result in a fine worth around 215,000 euros. If considered a serious offence, it can rise to 25% of his monthly salary.

If it's considered a medium level offence, the fine would be 150,000 euros. The lowest breach of the rules would carry a 76,270 euro fine.


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