Barca considering keeping Philippe Coutinho next season

The club believes that he could play an important role in midfield

 Pihilippe Coutinho se va a convertir en uno de los nombres que más va a sonar este verano | Perform

Barcelona and coach Quique Setien are looking at a lot of things during confinement. The market is very complicated and could end up being surprising. One potential surprise is the future of Philippe Coutinho. Barca aren’t ruling out, in these moments that the Brazilian stays and is part of the next project. It’s unlikely they can sell him for what they want and Setien believes that he could be a useful player.

Barca aren’t hiding they have negotiated with Coutinho’s agents to try and find him a new ome. They have spoken with various clubs in the Premier League. Barca wanted to sell him for 90 million euros. They don’t want to loan him again like to Bayern, afraid it will damage his sale value.

In recent conversations, Setien has made it clear that Cou is a player who can add dynamism in the centre of the pitch. He likes im a lot because he can work as an interior creatively and that’s necessary in his Barca. The coach thinks that if Coutinho does well he can be far more effective than in his first Barca stay. Valverde didn’t find somewhere for him to play, either on the wing or in the middle, but it might be different under Setien, who has a different idea.

Coutinho has put himself at Barcelona’s disposal and will come back and start from zero at the club if that’s what they want. He doesn’t mind if he goes back to the Premier League either. Barca believe he’s still a world star and don’t want to devalue him. There are few players with his vision of play and technique and they want to take advantage of that. Setien would be happy to use him in the middle.



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