Barça can't be punished even if Griezmann is said to have broken the rules

Any punishment is expected to be on the lower end of the scale and there's no concern about the verdict inside the club

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The instructor is expected to recommend a minor infraction in regards to Antoine Griezmann's signing for FC Barcelona. These types of sanctions, as revealed by SPORT on the 22nd July, stipulate it must be dealt with by the commission on the same month as the document is signed. If that limit was the 1st May, it limits the amount of action which can be taken. 


As revealed by SPORT, the current recommendation is set to be €300 and the possible closing of the Camp Nou for one match. According to that ruling, it can be a fine of up to €602, banning the player for between two matches and two months, or closing the stadium for one match. As revealed a few days ago, that alleged breach is related to Barça and as such can't be handed over to the player himself. What remains unknown is the possible closing of the stadium as that could go alongside the fine or instead of it. However, it remains difficult to convince a committee that closing a stadium is justifiable for an alleged breach of contract by the player (with Atletico Madrid).

The main talking point is Atletico Madrid suggesting Griezmann signed a contract with Barça in March. However, as the Madrid club didn't lodge a complaint immediately that potentially severe breach of contract had until the 1st May to be presented to the commission. It leaves everything in a legal limbo whilst also limiting the options available. This makes a small fine the most likely outcome.


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