Barça boss Valverde: Penalty on Pique? I will say that it was

Barça boss Valverde: Penalty on Pique? I will say that it was

Ernesto Valverde "suspects" there was a pull on the centre-back

Ernesto Valverde spoke in a press conference after Barcelona's 2-2 draw with Real Sociedad at Anoeta on Saturday. The Barça coach spoke about the decision not to give a late penalty for a foul on Gerard Pique. The home side had been awarded a spot-kick for a very similar incident in the first half. 

Penalty calls: "Each manager sees things in their favour. We're not objective. We're on the bench with outr teams' shirts on. I will say that the one on Pique is a penalty and that there's with Busquets isn't. I suppose their coach will say the opposite. We thought there was maybe a pull on Pique. I told the fourth official to check it but I don't know (if VAR did)." 

The game: "It had everything. There were moments when they were better and moments when we were. If the game had gone on longer, anything could have happened. I think it was a good game. We struggled with their pressing at the start. But once we overcame that, you saw the damage we could do. At 2-1 the game was in our hands, we were having chances and we were the better side. 

Clasico tiredness: "It won't affect us. We have four days to recover (for Real Madrid). These games are so important... everyone will be ready." 

Away form: "Well, today we were against a great team that is having a great season with really good attackers. We've struggled like anyone else (away from home). I don't see any sides playing and dominating away from home. Not just in the league, also in the Champions League. Every now and again there's a hammering, but in general, it's very equal." 

Odegaard: "He is having a great season. Now he's playing regularly, you can see the type of player he is. He is a great player. The problem with these players, No.10s, is that they're undetectable because they drift between the two lines... and he does it well. We will see (about his future) but based on what we've seen, he's really good."