Barça boss Koeman explains the radical change in Philippe Coutinho

Barça boss Koeman explains the radical change in Philippe Coutinho

 Ronald Koeman explica el cambio de rendimiento que ha tenido Coutinho | Sergi Capdevila

The Dutch coach has helped the Brazilian re-find his form at Camp Nou

Philippe Coutinho has been one of the keys to Barcelona's good start this season. He was the best player in the win at Celta Vigo and there has been a change in his attitude and his personality on the pitch. 

The Brazilian is smiling again and is happy to take on responsibility in attack. New coach Ronald Koeman deserved credit for helping to get the best out him once again. 

SPORT asked the Dutch coach on Saturday why Coutinho has returned to form: "That's a good question and the answer is very easy: he's a very good player. That's it.

"He's a player that learned a lot in England, a lot in Bayern Munich. My job as a coach is to get the best out of every player. And that starts by putting them in their position. I think that generates more confidence. All that helps but it starts with the quality in the player and Coutinho's a great player." 

Coutinho, who came close to scoring at Balaídos and was omnipresent on the pitch, has started to earn back some of the credit he lost during his first spell at Camp Nou. 

It's just the start and there's a long way to go but there's no doubt that the sensations are infinitely better under Koeman than under Ernesto Valverde. If he manages to continue this evolution on the pitch, maybe he will become Barça's best signing of the summer.

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